multiple-parted windows

Ferry & cruise liners Commercial vessels

From 2 sections and upwards - according to design - mullion of extruded material or according to design - mullion is calculated in respect of moments of inertia.

Drawing and spare part list for each window type ordered.

Specially designed frames available in a wide range of standard frame profiles of hot extruded steel,  extruded marine aluminium or stainless steel profile - standard program for 80, 100, 120mm in stock - other designs available.

Glass list of stainless steel or marine aluminium - finish according to design.

Glass will be mounted in frame with CCJ special U-profile system which always stay flexible and minimize risk of corrosion. The same system is being used for fire retardant applications.

All kinds of glass - monolithic - double - sound reduction - energy saving - fire retardant glass all according to classification requirements.

Frames delivered with preservation corresponding to corrosion class 4, ISO standard with various type of final surface treatment.

Super yachts &yachts


  • Specially designed frames.
  • Standard frame profiles available from stock.
  • All frames delivered with preservation, i.e. corrossion class 4, ISO standard.
  • Various types of final surface treatment.