ship repair & maintenance

Our supervisors and/or fully trained service team attend your service needs

  • Customised maintenance programs according to requirements.
  • We perform service inspections
  • We can provide delivery times from 24 hours
  • We upgrade your existing solutions to meet every expectation.

We know from many such jobs that portholes and windows perform incorrectly. The problems could be - Unsafe windows:

  • Unsafe due to insufficient overlay on glass
  • Unsafe due to incorrect welding
  • Incorrect mounting may cause a risk for glass breakage

Unsafe fire retardant windows due to:

  • Incorrect glass
  • Incorrectly mounted glass
  • Incorrectly mounted gasket system
  • Technical specifications not fulfilling the classifications requirements

Leaking due to:

  • Not sufficient overlay on glass
  • Incorrect gasket systems
  • Corrosion problems due to incorrect gasket systems
  • Moist/delaminated glass due to incorrect gasket systems
  • Leaking causes failure on heated glass

Upgrading of glass and frame constructions:

  • Changing of monolithic glass to double glass
  • Upgrade to double glass applications for cost saving on aircondition systems
  • Upgrade to Comfort Class I - II - III
  • Upgrade to noise reduction requirements

We offer you inspection onboard the vessel for:

  • Developing a maintenance program
  • Making a forecast for the repair budget
  • Making proposals to upgrading
  • Discussing documentation in connection with changing of classification or re-flagging